Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reflections 7-1-11 (Noahs's Tumor)

As i sit here in the semi-waiting room waiting for Noah's MRI to be finished I still realize that I AM OK! I am some what suprised at how God has given me strength to do this with out a worry. Coming here I was nervous, but who wouldn't be right? Got here and they were behind, like an hour. We already have a sleepy, hungry baby that is in the BIG hospital and doesn't know whats going on. The experience with Peds sedation has been amazing. They have been so understanding, and trying to make him happy the whole time. Constantly coming and bringing him a new toy, we went on the elevator and he got to push buttons. I couldn't say more but positive things about PEDS sedation. As we go from waiting room to waiting room, and keep waiting I realized that this whole week has been about paitence for me. I had to wait 6 days to find out his appt for the MRI, and then we get here and we have to wait. And i was ok with that, and I am the person that gets frustrated waiting in the line at Walmart or for a dinner table at Cracker Barral. (lol- as do we all.) I am typing this with a smile on my face cause no matter what it is GOD will get us thru this. We will be a stronger family, and couple. We have truly seen the blessings of friends that have volunteer'd so much. Constantly asking is there ANYTHING we can do? You start wanting to asign jobs for people. lol I want to say thank you to everyone that has prayed for Noah and us for peace,and healing and patients. We know that its working. A friend Of mine asked me, HOW are you not freaking out about this." Sometimes i wonder that my self, i have horrible aniexty and it will get away with me. Matt over time has told me and told me to "Pray about it" I truthfully never have. This is something in me personaly. Why I didn't think God couldn't handle it im not sure. Also Pastor Mikes message this past Sunday was JUST FOR ME! ( funny how this works this way)So many times this week I have thought horrible things as I think any mother would, but I STOPPED , told satan to STOP and ask God to step in and be in control. If anything from this I learned that we need patients with Life, things will happen in GODS time not ours. God can't do his job if our hands are all in it.
So I want to say THANK you God for giving me the strength to work all week, to go about my normal activities and to be able to be strong for Noah during this time.

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  1. My little niece Lexie is going thru the same thing. Her's is a little more progressed, but like Noah's, they were both diagnosed relatively young. Thank God! It took my sister years before she found out what Lexie has. We've read stories where the parents didn't know their kid had Lymphangioma till they had almost lost their eye! As sad as Lexie and Noah's diagnosis is, thank God they have been diagnosed so early. Now, we just need to find the right doctor that can help them. And thank God again that he has brought you, my sister and all other parents dealing with this, together. Keep up the blogging and I'll make sure to include Noah in my prayers. And please pray for Lexie as well!